Observation services

Observation uses a lot of time, energy and resources, and is indicative of your culture. It is essential to get observation right for your organisation, your staff, and, most importantly, your learners.  Get staff to enjoy, embrace and welcome observation through approaches such as:

  • Transforming teaching through feedback and coaching (future focused and collaborative feedback and action planning)
  • Creative collaborative learning; an approach to observation that enables teams to work together to develop and improve learning through great teaching
  • Learning walks: Maximising observation through the use of high impact, low bureaucracy observations that provide opportunities for teaching teams to work together
  • Moving to ungraded observation processes: how to implement approaches to observation that improve the quality of teaching and learning without grades. This includes:
    • Ensuring that all levels in the organisation know what the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is like, and what needs to be done to improve and develop
    • Having evidence of the impact of improvement actions, and knowing what difference these are making to learners and learning
    • Maintaining strong and effective performance management
    • Improving morale of teaching staff
  • Inspection style observations
  • Paired observations to develop staff skills